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Fundraising with Mixed Bag Designs

Welcome to Mixed Bag Designs Fundraisers, where style, fashion and fun come together with sustainability. Mixed Bag Designs is the fastest growing fundraiser in the country. Now you can get in on the action!

Whether you're planning an upcoming school fundraiser or a special fundraiser for a team or club, let us help you get the most out of your fundraiser with style!

Profitable Fundraisers Start With Great Products

Mixed Bag Designs offers fundraiser catalogs twice a year, for Spring and for Fall. Since 2008 we've offered our bag catalog full of colorful and stylish products including everyone's favorite reusable grocery bag, totes and handbags, home storage and more. Starting in January 2015, every fundraiser will come with two catalogs: our much-loved bag catalog and the all new Kitchen and Home Catalog! The new catalog features kitchenware, party goods, kitchen storage, yummy food mixes and seasonings, and more. By adding even more variety and choices, two catalogs means even bigger sales! View the Spring fundraising catalogs now!
  • Our reusable bags are made from woven polypropylene and can hold up to 50 lbs due to the plastic fibers woven into the bags. They're easy to clean and they're recyclable! The best part is that they're priced right so your fundraiser sales can soar!
  • Our fabric totes collection includes organic cotton and a poly nylon fabric. These bags, backpacks and totes come in colorful styles and designs to suit anyone's style!
  • Our high-quality, hand-picked kitchen and home items include healthy and gluten free food mixes, handy kitchen tools, decor for a picture-perfect party great gifts and so much more!
  • Our design team creates a brand new fundraiser catalogs twice a year! You can break fundraiser records with our bright, colorful catalogs full of all-new bags, products & prints - catalogs are out for Fall fundraisers AND Spring fundraisers! View our fundraiser catalog for the upcoming Spring season (fundraisers between January and June 2015).
  • Our Fundraiser Catalog

    Successful Fundraiser Testimonials

    It's not enough for us to say why our fundraiser works - hear from past teams, religious groups, middle schools, elementary schools and more that have done a Mixed Bag Designs fundraiser in the past (and many who keep coming back every year!). These testimonials are from real people that discovered why a school fundraiser with reusable bags is the best option around!

    Best School Fundraiser Testimonials

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