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Easy Steps to a Successful Fundraiser

Learn how our fundraisers work with our easy process! Join thousands of other groups and school fundraisers in raising big profits and breaking sales records using our reusable bag fundraiser.
  1. Reserve your dates, sign our agreement and work with your fundraiser consultant
    • Choose your fundraiser program and your personal fundraiser consultant will help you get everything going
  2. Order your free seller packets and discounted samples (or get free samples - just ask our fundraiser consultants about our different programs)
    • Fundraiser chairs can order a variety of sample bags at huge discounts so they can show off the bags at their fundraiser kick off
  3. Print out a professionally-designed, custom cover letter (or we can customize and print your letter for you!)
  4. Copy/paste promotional email scripts plus send our ready-made customized email to announce your fundraiser
  5. Sell, sell, sell!
  6. Collect orders and input them easily online using our online order entry system (or we'll enter them for you!)
    • Sellers can enter their own orders themselves using our order entry system too!
  7. Our team sorts and packs your orders by student/seller for easy distribution
  8. Distribute your orders and celebrate your success!

Why We're The Best Fundraiser

Start an innovative, profitable and green fundraiser with eco-chic reusable bags and so much more!
Learn why so many school fundraisers and teams, groups and national organizations have chosen Mixed Bag Designs for their fundraising needs!

Fantastic products

High quality & durable reusable bags; they hold a whopping 50-60 lbs
Lots of variety for everyone (storage, travel sets, lunch bags, handbags, tablet cases, great gifts and more)
New prints and eco-friendly products every season
Great price points in a wide range
Our recyclable products are BPA, phthalate and lead free

Tons of profit

We offer flexible fundraiser profit programs (including up to 50% profit!) that can be tailored to your fundraiser needs.
Boost sales by inviting friends and family to shop our online store. Fundraisers receive 40% from all online purchases and they can shop online even after the catalog sale is over!

Simple process

Easy online ordering for parents and chairperson - or our fundraising team will enter your orders for you!
Orders sorted and packed per seller in separate bags

Fun prizes

We offer competitive prize programs to boost your participation & sales
Prizes range for a variety of age groups and fundraiser sizes to meet everyone's needs. We offer all kinds of toys and popular incentives!

Quick and easy

Both chairpersons and sellers can input orders online
Our fundraising team can prepare your cover letters and seller packets for you - just ask about our programs!
Payment by check or credit card
FREE shipping on primary order
Fast delivery with orders shipped once payment is received

Surefire success

Our fundraisers have helped schools, clubs, teams and groups across the country raise thousands of dollars for their important causes.
  • Many school fundraisers profited $10,000 and more
  • Great for team fundraisers! A Drill Team of 63 members profited over $11,000
  • A soccer team of 15 made over $3,000
  • 20 "green" club students sold over 350 bags
View all of our fundraiser testimonials here!
Reusable Bag Fundraiser
We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service and commitment to provide a successful and enjoyable fundraising experience. Let us help you reach your fundraising goals in style!