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If you’re tired of seeing the same old fundraisers year after year, it’s time for a change of pace. Mixed Bag Designs offers fantastic school and team fundraising options that put a fun spin on this traditional activity. If you’re looking for fundraiser ideas for schools that truly break the mold, there’s no better option than Mixed Bag Designs.

Great for Any Organization

While some fundraising ideas for teams, clubs and schools may seem to lean more towards one demographic, our products are truly for everyone. Because of this, we provide very effective school fundraising ideas - and we’re also available to help raise funds for:
  • Church Groups
  • Sports Teams
  • Extracurricular Clubs
  • Boy/Girl Scout Troops
  • And More!

Register Your Organization For A New Fundraiser

Get started with the best fundraiser in town and enjoy up to 50% profit! It's easy for any fundraiser chairperson to do - just fill out a form, sign our agreement and you're all set! Your personal fundraiser consultant will contact you with your password and login access to receive all of our marketing materials and sales tips.

Mixed Bag Designs has worked with many organizations to help them reach their goals, from church groups to elementary school fundraisers and from team fundraising to middle school fundraisers. Our form checks if your school or organization is in our database when you register for a new fundraiser. If you have any questions please call us at 877.520.2247.

Reserve Dates & Start Your Fundraiser

Just fill out a simple form to update your school or organization's contact information and then you can talk with a fundraising consultant and sign your agreement!

If you are ready to go and don't want to speak to a consultant, you will have to fill out this registration form, then use the instructions in your confirmation email to sign into our Chair's Office and sign the agreement.
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If you have already spoken to an account representative and have your login access, then you're ready to sign an agreement! Sign into the Chair's Office and click on "Agreement"
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What To Expect When Starting a Fundraiser

Fundraiser Calendar
Your fundraiser plan may depend on your start/end dates; if you are planning to start sooner than later, you'll want to sign up, sign your agreement and put in that first order for catalogs and samples right away! If your start date is in a month or more, you have more time to browse our website and The Chair's Office and plan ahead - choose your cover letters, download the banner to send to a local printer, and also choose which samples you think would be best for your display.

Helpful Fundraiser Marketing Tools
Our Chair's Office has everything you need to maximize sales and use fresh ideas for your fundraiser. Under "Promote" you'll find our whole Promotion Zone that includes ready-to-print cover letters, tons of signs and banners, phone call scripts, emails you can copy/paste with a recommended timeline, tips for posting to Facebook and more. You can also get tips and ideas from real fundraisers - including set-up photos and kick-off ideas. A professional merchandiser has also set up display ideas for your samples!

Entering Orders
We have order systems for everyone in the fundraiser: the fundraiser chair, the sellers & students' parents, and out-of-town friends & family can all support your fundraiser and enter orders easily on our website. Click here to go to our Online Ordering Center