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School Fundraiser Start - Mixed Bag Designs
Here at Mixed Bag Designs, we love helping schools achieve their fundraising goals with our fun and colorful bags. We believe the key to a successful school fundraiser is offering a versatile and attractive product that gets people excited about supporting your cause! That's why we design each item in our fundraiser catalog with fun patterns that brighten up your day. We make ordinary items extraordinary, adding a touch of style to your everyday errands.

Successful fundraisers are always the product of a collaborative effort, and our team works with your school fundraising chair to create a fun and profitable fundraiser. Your fundraising success stories inspire us to work harder each season to provide fresh and fun designs that will increase your fundraiser profit each year!

School Fundraiser Ideas - Promote Your Fundraiser

We have lots of ideas for maximizing sales and increasing your profits! Word of mouth is always effective and there are plenty of ways to promote your school fundraiser that'll get people talking. Always make sure you remind people why you are doing the fundraiser - once parents and friends understand the important impact, they will be more eager to contribute to the fundraiser.

Signs - hang up fliers around campus and use color to make them eye-catching
E-mails - send out e-mails to parents telling them how they can contribute to your fundraiser
Fliers - print out colorful fliers that kids can take home in their backpacks to remind parents and friends about the fundraiser
Prizes - Prizes are a key way to get your school fundraiser sales up and it's relatively easy to put together an effective prize program. We offer our own tiered prize program to get students excited about the fundraiser but your school can also do simple and expensive things to get the momentum going. Prize ideas for school fundraisers include popsicle parties for the best-selling classrooms, inviting students who brought in their orders to line up first at recess, and having teachers & staff dress up if the school meets their fundraiser goals. The possibilities are endless, and we offer a variety of ideas and prize fliers in our Chair's Office under "Promote."

Fundraiser chairs for other school fundraisers can find fabulous fundraising display ideas, cover letters, custom emails and banners in our Chair's Office!

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